Revelation 49 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 49

14 July 2007 at noon

To be a master of something means to know it from the inside out, in all its facets. Therefore, to be able to be a master of matter, you must have internal experience of it and nothing is better than the practical experience thereof.

You always marvel at the mystery of the spiritual worlds and the real wondrous mystery is the embodiment of the spirit in a material body, in a short interim of two spiritual eternities, which is a tremendously decisive factor in the up – or downgrading of working spirits into different orders. 

During his trial period here on earth man usually adopts one of three attitudes. He is positive, neutral or negative. In good Biblical terms of old, we call it cold or warm and any Bible student ‘worth his salt’, will now be able to diligently complete the sentence for us by saying “but because you were lukewarm, I will spit you from My mouth.”

Herewith I want to make it very clear to you, if you want to be a follower of Me, your Redeemer, do it with fervor, with a warm loving heart, in complete surrender. The one trying to fool Me, with a lukewarm and indecisive, wavering faith, will have to carry the bitter consequences, when he sees his brothers entering into their godly orders in the highest blissfulness.