Revelation 52 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 52

17 July 2007 at 06h00

There is an expression which says that all rivers run to the sea. And all the poisonous refuse do the same and the great reservoir of the earth is changing into a refuse dumpsite.

The primeval underground sources are also not spared and in order to ensure record harvests, masses of toxicants are used to protect the different crops against pests. These toxicants drain back into the underground water through irrigation and rain.

A pure babbling brook has become a rarity and this because man has an insatiable gluttony for wealth, which is mostly expressed in mining. These mines recklessly get rid of refuse by pumping it into rivers. 

The atmosphere is spared even less from mining refuse, which in turn renders the natural purifying process of distillation useless, because a polluted atmosphere absorbs the clean water vapour and poisonous rain showers fall down to earth.

The consequences of nuclear waste in the water are of such an immensely negative extent that it is impossible for you to comprehend, therefore I leave it there for now.

The polar ice also, which was in My wisdom saved as a pure water reservoir for the earth, is melting at an enormous rate because global warming is increasing by the day.  Once again as a result of the disturbed natural cooling order, which was, up until now, maintained by the waters of the earth. Once again this proofs that when something in My order is disturbed, it results in an irreparable chain reaction.

To conclude this, I now gladly invite all the many wise men of the earth, with their brilliant scientists, to come closer, they who so eagerly listen with ass’s ears to the clever whispering of Satan. Yes, I invite them to come closer and solve this enormous insurmountable problem and I ask you, how many times are you again going to purify the rotten sewer water with the most poisonous chemical substances, to again give it to mankind to drink.

Therefore, it is only possible for Me to make a disturbed old order new again through a total destruction.