Prophecies of Judith de Beer from South Africa in English

Revelation 1

30 May 2007 at 08h00

Question: Do You speak as the Father to prophets?

Answer: I speak as the Saviour through My Spirit in the Truth.

Question: But did You not speak to Moses and Elijah directly as the Father?

Answer: I spoke as God the Creator to Moses in a visible fire. I spoke as God the Creator to Elijah in an invisible but sensorial cool breeze.

Question: In answer to my question. You speak to me as “I”, who is the “I”?

Answer: And I answer you yet again the same as in Question 1. I speak to you as your Saviour by My “all-embracing” Spirit in the Truth.

Question: How should I address you?

Answer: My Salvation has befallen you, you can call Me Abba Father.

Question: I am afraid to speak to people. Also, I am unsure about myself. I am afraid that I will speak as a false prophet or teacher in Your name. How do I recognize, in myself or in others, a false prophet? (Here I get a slight feeling of humour)

Answer: My true prophets (lazy servants), always have one or another excuse ready not to do their tasks. Take Moses and Jonah for example. To get back to your question about the recognition of a false prophet, I will, without elaborating, give you one characteristic of such a person. They are all covertly looking for a “stage”. The word “covertly” explains much about these deceivers’ character.


Revelation 2

1 June 2007 - 7h30

Question: Can I speak on behalf of the Spirit inside myself? Sometimes I cannot distinguish between when it is the Spirit and when it is me speaking.

Answer: When you have awakened spiritually, you are your spirit and it is always the Spirit that speaks. Not only for your sake, but also for others who are currently anxious to awaken their spirits, I will give you an exercise. All this information was given to you time and again, but because you are like a pilgrim who sees a little light in a pitch-dark night shining far away, while hasting towards it, but like a thirsty one in a desert seeing a reflection of light as water, and running towards it, but never reaching it, so your little light always stays out of reach.

To start, your spirit is flowing loose from your world. Therefore, for him there exists no need in the body in which it dwells on this earth . If you want to be active in your spirit, you should not think with your earthy intellect. Relax and let your spirit free. Now, as far as the soul is concerned, which is the real thinker here on earth. Your body is her earth. The body’s earth is the earth on which we dwell. The soul, who lives in the midst of her body and her spirit, is continuously busy with her own, as well as her body’s maintenance. The body with her billions of atoms are fed and maintained by her material world. The soul again, is fed and maintained by all the spiritual that comes from her feeding from the material world. To bring all this to true life, all this has to come to the godly awakening. Here, the “all-embracing” spirit, which is graciously and for a person’s own good given to man by his Father, comes in. Let us stay firstly with the soul. The soul always has a choice. Her focus on the body always centres around the needs of the body, whether food, relaxation, reproduction, housing, clothing or other daily needs. The soul often get so attached and entwined with every need and delight of every mortal atom in her mortal body, that she never has time to give the living food, that comes from the Spirit, to herself.


The body in itself is continuously busy dying in all its cells. Since conception, these billions of continuously reproducing cells repeat the process of dying. After the death of the total body, the soul thus continues with this repetitive process to try and maintain the already deceased body. Then this is what the eternity of an imperfect spirit consists of; namely that the spirit continuously and repetitively is busy reproducing his fictitious bodily existence. This is the eternal death. Therefore exercise your soul to loosen herself from the everyday existence and drag of the fleshly body, which in every case will be maintained instinctively and with the help of better spirits. The spirit has to focus to unite her in a relaxed relationship with the free flowing spirit inside herself, whereupon she can unite herself with the Master of all life, who will from His side, personally look after her according to her needs.


Revelation 3

1 June 2007 - 17h45

Just like the Samaritan woman, after she has received the truth from Me, asked for the Living Water, so you have done. And just like that, there will come a time that some of your fellowmen will believe, not because you told them these things, but because they will meet with Me firsthand. Let’s start at the beginning of this group of people, who were called “Samaritans”. Just like there currently are groups of people who want to depend strongly on their primeval roots, it was also important in those days to understand where one belonged in the house of Israel. Then, just like now, there were enormous undercurrents among the different groups of our Israelites. Rich people gathered the chairs of Levi for themselves or for their children, with the sound of money. Snobbery were at the order of the day. On the other hand, less wealthy members of the community had to be satisfied with the pittance that came from the temple. Disagreement arose and a group separated themselves from the temple. In their search for the original truth of Moses, they returned to mount Sinai. Because they were now without a temple, they became a despised group in the eyes of their brothers. However, he who seeks Me, will find Me. During My incarnation in flesh, I personally paid a visit to this outcast group. This Samaritan woman, with her sad past and lifestyle, was singled out by Me and I spoke to her personally and alone. As a rejected person in a rejected community, she had experienced an enormous search for herself as well as for her Creator. Because she had seeked truth inside herself, despite her lifestyle, the privilege to meet the Living Truth in life, had befallen her. Shamelessly and with joy she ran to her little town with this truth, rejoicing. Go and do the same.


Revelation 4

1 June 2007 - 23h45

I received the commission to “write” and I am afraid to write. I felt the presence of Your angel of salvation, which we call the angel of death. But together with this I also felt Your peace and the consolation that everyone who lives in Your Name, is safe and shielded by You. As in the days of Pharaoh, so it will soon be on the earth. Be still my soul, for your God is King. Hunger and pests will sweep over your land like hungry locusts and also over the world. Weep, O earth, like a thirsty cannibal you will drink the blood of your own children. The steel harvested from your intestines, will go through the intestines of your inhabitants, to regain the useless life back into the ground. Your days will become warmer, and will let winds blow, as the earth spins slower and then faster around its own axle. Cry, o children of the light, because the harvest has become small.

But rejoice, O Zion, your God has come near, and as the winds roar and Satan’s eye will glow with anger, a great rejoicing of angels will reverberate on this earth. For our Light, our Joy, yes our Father’s Child, has again found His way to our earth. Time is running out. Don’t hesitate to love and cherish your God. The time is near when you will seek Him, but will not find Him in your soul anymore.


(PS: I asked for a time but did not receive anything)


Revelation 5

2 June 2007 - 14h30


(Poem received in Afrikaans)

Hoekom is jy in jou eie oë ‘n klein dwaas? *(Why are you a little fool in your own eyes?)

Dit terwyl Ek self jou lei, *(That, while I Myself lead you,)

jou stewig by die hand gaan vat, *(will take you firmly by the hand,)

op verre paaie gaan ons hand aan hand die lewenspad saam stap. *(we will hand in hand walk the far paths of life.)

Wees vrolik en bly jou Vader is naby. *(Be joyous and glad your Father is nearby)

O Sion, jy is My blom, *(O Zion, you are My flower)

vir jou gaan Ek na hierdie wêreld kom. *(For you I will come to this world.)

My maagde wat so trou op My koms bly wag, *(My virgins waiting devotedly on Me)

jul maak My hart so baie sag. *(You make my heart so very soft)

Terwyl die wêreld in sy oordeel rou, *(While the world weeps in its judgement,)

gaan Ek met jou My Sion trou. *(I will marry you, My Zion.)

Met harp en siter, ja speel ook met die simbaal, *(With harp and zither, yes also play the cymbal,)

My bruid kom Ek vir ewig haal. *(I am fetching My bride, forever.)

Trou het Ek jou op jou weg bewaar, *(Devotedly I have kept you safe on your way)

O Sion, jy gaan My kind nou baar. *(O Zion, you will now give birth to My child.)

In groot gevare gaan Ek jou lewe spaar. *(In great dangers I will save you life.)

Saam gaan ons wees die volmaakte ouerpaar. *(Together we will be the perfect parents.)

Stewig vasgebind is alle kwaad. *(Solidly binded is all the evil.)

Uitgeroei sal wees die slang se saad. *(Destroyed will be the seed of the snake.)

Sing en wees nou bly, die hele wêreld raak nou vry. *(Sing and be happy now, the whole world is becoming free.)

Heilig, Heilig roep die hele hemelskaar. *(Holy, holy, calls the heavenly crowd.)

Sion het vir God Sy kind gebaar. *(Zion gave birth to God’s child.)


Revelation 6

2 June 2007 - 21h00

You want to know more about rebirth (born again). Therefore, let us begin. I am not only your Saviour, Who has already prepared a dwelling for you with Me, but as you already know, I am the Obstetrician, Who partakes in every step of your rebirth. As you already know, that everything present in My creation, was completely present within you in miniature form, on the day of your birth into a physical body here on earth. You and everyone have come a far way through eternity, to again come to consummation, in order to become perfect spirits - what you were before the great fall. Everything within you, that which you are, is again complete. The final rearrangement of all this now depends on the human himself. The correct education of the child is of utmost importance here. Where in some cases however, through circumstances exist a lack, and where I know that a person has the full potential to emerge from the struggle as one of My children, some of My special angel spirits are then made available to assist with the education of such a person. A certain maturity has to be reached by man, where he comes to the realization that he will have to make some choices. Here the regrouping begins and good and evil are separated, and the great war begins. Just like any birth has its pre-birth pains, in the same way the rebirth of a human is not easy. There are many churches, as well as sectarian groups, who lead their people to believe that by verbal confession alone a person becomes a reborn Christian, that this is adequate and completes the task. This however, is one of the greatest lies imaginable, coming directly from Satan. Rebirth is a very delicate process, which in almost all cases can only be completed in the spirit world after the physical death of the person. If man would realize how important the progress of his rebirth on earth is, he would uninterruptedly give attention to this. As you already know, a minute’s progress in the flesh is equal to hundreds, even thousands of years in the world of the spirit.

To return to that which man houses in himself; the soul, which has full contact with her material world around her through her body of flesh and senses, is just as able, by means of her spirit, to connect with the spiritual world. The soul in all her inconceivable billions of spiritual particles that consist of the pure spiritual, which was loosened from the material through an unimaginable long journey, has to determine where her love and her future lies; either in the body that is dead in itself, or the opposite living Spirit, being the two opposing poles with the free soul in between. From the outside, matter calls and winks and the soul, with all her soul particles, recognizes herself therein and answers with passion to these seductions of her material body. Eagerly she again pours herself more and more into the captivity of the solid material world.

Through the love of his Heavenly Father man is however not destined to continue to go through an ongoing cycle of repetitive imprisonment in solid matter, and therefore the Spirit of God was given unto him as a gift, to lead him and stand by him on his way to find his way back to the Father House; the home which he once, before the foundation of all creations, left by own choice. This spirit in man is then the antipode to the call of matter. Inside man this unexplainable urge develops - to recognize himself in his own being. Together with this he wants to know the cause of his existence and his consciousness. He comes to the conclusion that it was impossible for him to have spontaneously come into a conscious existence. Now he also starts seeking the root cause of his existence and consciousness. This urge within the soul, is the voice of the Spirit himself. Lovingly and without any force, he is busy gently leading the once fallen soul back to his Creator and Father's house. When the soul, out of its own free will begins to give her co-operation and longingly takes on the journey back to the Father house, she also starts her rebirth process in unity with her spirit - in order to, as end result, stand face-to-face before her Father as a spotless pure being!!


Revelation 7

3 June 2007 - 7h00

A few precious opportunities were lost where we had the opportunity to pen down a conversation between us. Man is eager to serve Me and with all kinds of promises he would like to acquire one or other spiritual gift. When My Spirit of Love then descends on him or her, they suddenly become lazy and with a thousand excuses the work given to them, is not done.


You have seeked until you found My voice inside you. Who has found Me, has also found My fullness. This means that when I am there, I am always there. When and where you ever open the ears of your heart, My voice will be there, but you choose to suppress it at your own discretion. The needs of your body are always placed first. Most of the time you suppress My voice for something to nibble on, ore you are to cold to get out of bed to get your stationery, and precious words are lost through your selfishness. Now you know what I mean when I refer to my “lazy servants” who always have some kind of excuse.


Today you will talk to people and the message I want you to give them is that they are all seekers, seekers who in this time are eagerly seeking for Me. I also want them to seek Me anxiously; anxious, because there is little time. An anxious person always seeks hastily for his most precious possession. Therefore you must seek me hastily, because again I say to you: There is little time. Also tell them to forcefully rip off the thick curtains hanging before the Most Holy place in their hearts. Everyone seeks me earnestly, but nowhere is a tiny opening left for Me so that I can shine My light through it. For a long time I have been knocking on the doors of the hearts of My chosen children. Open the doors of your hearts so that I can enter.


Revelation 8

3 June 2007 - 22h00

During My walk in the flesh here on earth, more than 2000 years ago, My disciples and I settled on the top of a mountain during a peaceful morning walk, just before sunrise, while the beautiful morning red colour and cool mountain air announced the soft awakening of nature, and she made herself audible by the early morning sounds of birds singing cheerfully.

While a nearby little fountain also let its voice be heard with the sprightly sounds of its first steps as a little babbling brook, I looked smilingly at My Peter where he was kneeling at the same fountain, quenching his thirst by drinking out of his hand. James looked up and our eyes met in a loving glance. My disciples and I enjoyed this calm and quiet golden moment in My creation. My disciples were acutely aware of the privilege they had to enjoy My presence, as the Son of Man, to share this morning with Me. I raised My head and addressed them: “My dear brothers, what you are now feeling for me is very praiseworthy, but just as this morning is awakening in all its splendour around us, in 2000 years from now, My children and your brothers will awake in the same way in their love for Me and they will be more blessed than you who are here with me now. You believe in Me because I am in your midst. They will however believe in Me, simply in answer to the vague longing which they will feel in their hearts for me. You have Me in My fullness with you, they will only have Me in a worn out and distorted old teaching.

However, violently they will bring forth the old truth of the teaching. These courageous soldiers will, with love as their only weapon, crucify themselves in order to in this way become one with Me, their Father. I will personally open their true eyes of life, to behold Me, their Father, in their midst. My new ark of the covenant will be completed in them, so that My new earth will be perfected in them. Therefore, pay good attention to the awakening of this morning and think of your brothers, whom you will support in the spirit during that time.


Revelation 9

4 June - 13h30

Question: What is the correct way of addressing You with the Name You have borne on earth?

Answer: And I answer you as follows: On hearing My name, two brothers should embrace each other, and due to an overbearing love for Me and because they do not know what to do with this love for me, they should mutually pour out this love upon each other. However, these days the mention of My Name has become one of the biggest controversies and this even among brothers of the same bloodline.

There are unmentionably many languages, also dialects, now as well as in the past, of which some have become extinct and with the various dialects and sounds My Name, with its peregrination through centuries, between various nations and tribes, often underwent a new nuance. Each of these groups then proudly wanted to proclaim that they solely were the correct users of My name. Lately it has become such a controversy with some of you that I prefer that My Holy Name should no longer be desecrated by you. The sincere user of My Name is the one that pronounces it in his heart with the greatest love. Thus, the one who dishonors My Name the most, is the one that quarrels with his brother about My Name. Under no circumstances will I be present where there are arguments and quarreling over My Name. Therefore I will make Myself known to you as your Father. Therefore, learn that the correct pronunciation of My name is Love.


Revelation 10

6 June - 07h30

Last night My voice became quiet in yourself and sadly you thought that I had left you. It is only a few days since you became aware of My voice inside your heart and you were overcome with great grief when this big sense of loss took possession of you. Where are You? you called out in your heart and gradually I answered you. I am a jealous God that will not be shared with your worldly thoughts. Last night, while you experienced this deep urge within you to draw away unto Me, your Father, into the privacy of your room, into the inner chambers of your heart, to speak to Me, you chose to spare other people's feelings and rather watched a video with them. I am not a switch that you can turn on and off arbitrarily. You have come a far and difficult way, to reach a certain grade of purity, which was greatly supplemented by My grace and mercy, so that you could hear My voice inside you. It still remains your free choice to decide whether you want to follow Me or the world around you. However, I am one God, who will not let Myself be mixed with that which is of this world. This is why so many pretends to seek Me passionately, but can never find Me, because they want to share Me with their world of usury and amusement, where I have to take a secondhand and inferior position, where everybody wants to give me a doubtful little place in a busy schedule. Thereafter, quite chuffed with themselves, they think that I would applause the crumbs which are passed to Me, their Father. The time is drawing close that I will close the doors of My ark. Whoever will hammer in vain on these doors afterwards, crying in anguish: “Open the doors for us so that we can enter. Haven't we done this and that in Your Name”, will receive the following well-known words from Me: “Go away from Me, I know you not”.


Revelation 11

6 Junie - 09h30

Your question today is whether the road to My heart is reached through knowledge or love. You also want certainty if this work, which flows through your hand, should be translated into English.

We will start today by firstly answering your second question. Your very small nation is my nation who will serve as an example to the whole world. Even through the enormous mistakes that you have made, it will also serve as a practice school for all other nations. Therefore I say again: Rejoice Oh Zion, the heart of your being resides in the Southern point of Africa. My day has drawn nearby, where I will take this downtrodden orphan child by the hand and with the grace of My love I will cleanse him Myself. Under My leadership, he will reign over My new perfect earth in Spirit and Truth. Zion, you are My chosen one that is represented right across the whole world and in all your indispensable limbs you will reign from your “HEART” as one king under the name Melchizedek over My perfect creation. Therefore, translate these works into other languages as well.

Regarding your first question: To eagerly seek me by collecting more and more knowledge, will be of great importance to you when you one day come to the conclusion that only through love, the door of My heart will open to you. With this I have already given you the answer regarding the path of love.


Revelation 12

6 June - 09h30

The word bondage is nearly always associated with the occult. But I say unto you: Never bring bondage upon any person through any form of manipulation, which at this time is one of Satan’s most powerful tools. Throughout this century, Satan’s name can be replaced rightfully by the word manipulation. Through various forms of manipulation governments control each other. On the other hand banks manipulate the governments by means of stocks and currency control. Worldwide umbrella health institutions manipulate and control medicines and vaccinations and relevant material to gain further control over other areas. Stronger states enjoy their rule; because they are the sole suppliers of staple foods and can therefore determine whom and which poor and hungry country will receive what as a trade for that country’s unexploited elements and minerals. Through the usufruct of these raw products, they manipulate another country. Even the mass production of grain is done through manipulation. And so, everybody became everybody’s slave in a worldwide network. Satan as the prince of this world has achieved his goal through manipulation, and his reign which is now reaching its pinnacle, is nearing completion. I Myself, will pull the rag from underneath this economy and with a crash it will collapse world-wide to never again rise in its current shape. Therefore I draw My children’s attention to this, never exercise any form of manipulation, whether on a spouse, a child, a worker or whoever, because this is one of the biggest abominations in My, your Father’s eyes.


Revelation 13

7 June - 05h30

Under the word “leviathan”, ancient man had the concept of an enormous sea animal, which exceeded a gigantic island in size. In a certain sense they were correct. Once in the ancient times, such an animal did exist, which could be compared to a living coral island. It consisted of an unimaginable number of living sea organisms, forming one body. Having no pedestal or other anchor to the bottom of the sea, it drifted freely in the great waters of the earth. With its thousands of tentacles and millions of polyps as well as an insatiable voraciousness, this was the most horrific monster for the undeveloped humankind of that time. Anyone who is well trained in mathematics will be able to approximately calculate the duration from the ancient times up to now. The word leviathan also became one of the many names under which Satan became known. With a bit of sense, everyone who wants to, will be able to recognize the spiritual re-awakening of the leviathan in this modern time of the earth. With an obsession to rule and the utmost form of manipulation, Satan established his tentacles firmly in every government and organization throughout the world and his parasitical polyps obey his assignments faithfully. Every freethinking person is inseparably enslaved to this entity. But as always and in everything, Satan overestimates himself with his own limits. In his paranoia, he is raising his enormous body and is pushing out his chest with pride against me, the Creator. But, alas, there where it is the least visible, he labors the least. Every good builder starts his project with a firm foundation. But because Satan is My opposite in everything, he built his kingdom from the top to the bottom. He placed his feet lastly and hastily in South Africa. With his very unwise mixing of clay, the cement and metal could not form a firm mixture. This will be the cause of the fall of all falls and with the last dust sifting down to earth, My peace will descend on this earth. And with this the vision of My prophet Daniel is right before your door.


Revelation 14

7 June 2007 - 12h00

O, how great the joy of a Father’s heart, at the sound of children voices that heed to His voice after a long waiting. How pleasant to see the resurrection of My children. My sheep prancing of joy at the call of My Holy name.

*Small herd, so carefully prepared by Myself.

*So long you have kept quiet, but faithfully I guarded over you, My lovechild.

*With patience I kept waiting to see you rise out of your death sleep,

*To behold My love eternally inside you for all creations.

*Out of the darkest night the purest child is born for Me.

*Come now Zion, join in unity, we are eternally together.

*Small you come to stand before My altar.

*Brave as a lion you will pave My way through worldly chaos.

*Before worldly kings you will proudly take My place.

*Before you death shall flee and courageous you will bridge all flesh.

*Come now Zion, join in unity, we are now eternally together.


Revelation 15

9 June - 05h00

I loathe in a dirty world, saturated with sweat and fester that flushed over the world like a tidal wave. Earthlings bathe themselves in this excrement, as if it is the purest alluvial gold imaginable. Far too long I have urged gently, not to cast My pearls into the dirty mud of these swine of the world. Now I speak loud and clear and I want that My word only be brought to those that will hang My precious pearls like a trinket around the tables of their heart and will therefore recognize the voice of My truth therein. The skeptic can now plug his ears with the sound of his money, worldly entertainment, or one of the many other aids that his world offers him.


The very clever scribes can now also stand closer to let their lying voice be heard with their numerous rearranged Bible texts. The time has come, and fallen has the great Babylon, convulsing like a rabid dog, frothing at the mouth desperately trying to pull a world full of children with herself into the deepest pit full of the vilest dirt, done by God-forsakers that vomit dirty fester as truth to the world. Therefore, only bring My truth to the sheep that will recognize Me, the good Sheppard's voice, with the first sound thereof.