Revelation 16 to 20 in English by Judith de Beer

Revelation 16

10 June 2007 at 23h30

Worldwide there is a commotion. In some cases it is a restless premonition of something ominous with disastrous consequences, waiting to happen. In other cases it is a sparkling excitement over something immense about to take place. Also in nature it can be seen among certain species, timidly preparing themselves for some imminent threat; while others are excitingly and diligently shuffling their feathers. Everywhere and in everything, all is busy to pass away or to awaken. We are firstly going to focus on that which is busy to pass away, in a sorry condition of dying.

The end of a long salvation period is in sight, and that which has not reached a certain level of ripeness, is busy moving backwards to where it reaches a point where it spiritually surpasses its own birth, and dies. It disintegrates down to its smallest molecule, and so disappears into the illusion of matter, from where it slowly, over endlessly long periods of time, gradually goes the way through unthinkable cycles, until one day, again becomes “blissfully” laborious in some or other order as a completed human being. What is sad about this condition is that such a child forever forfeits the right to become a child of God.

The awakening, in turn, is sparkling and bubbling, and energetically even the smallest atoms whispers “we want to live” and with the love of a mother hen God’s love-sun shines bounteous warmth on everything that lives to encourage it to more life. This newborn life awakens in its turn more life, until it begins to ignite and to shine like a sun in an indestructible, everlasting life, in My perfect kingdom, the kingdom of your heavenly Father. Therefore, with haste, join those who are busy awakening in life and love.  


Revelation 17

11 June2007 at 08h00

You struggle with the next issue, should all races and nations stand as one, of a single faith under one God, and I answer you that I, with the same rage that I struck the one-world attempt under the leadership of Nimrod with the greatest confusion, just in the same way this abomination, which had made its appearance in a one-world order, will be destructed like no eye has ever seen. I am God and there is nobody like Me, from the smallest to the immeasurable I have created with My own hand in Wisdom and Love. I Myself have placed everything in My unchanging order and woe betides the one who appoints himself to change something in it. For the small sparrow I have created a sparrow as a mate and so throughout the creation for each creature I have created a similar mate from which their kind came forth. And like I have equipped the animals with different sounds by which they can know one another, similarly I have equipped different people each with their own language and habits according to My Wisdom. With My Godly insight different talents have been given to the nations, so that they can be to each other's benefit. My opponent has, like in the past, with his evil strategy, encouraged the people to raise their kingdom as a mighty unit above Me.

This brings us back to your question and here I warn you explicitly that anyone who is an advocate of inter-racial mingling is a servant from the deepest hell.


Revelation 18

11 June 2007 at 17h30

Yesterday Paul was discussed and a bit terrified you listened to the fierce conflict of it. Therefore I will tell you briefly about the life and goal of Paul. This man was eminently one of My biggest persecutors, he had drawn his sword defiantly against Me, the Son of Man, and relentlessly he persecuted My beloved followers. Because he had no love for Me in him, but only a distorted sense of justice to persecute Me, I could only make Myself known to him by means of that which he knew – violence. Therefore, in the judgment of God, in a fraction of an instant I revealed Myself to him, and this spiritually blind person was struck with complete blindness, so that he had to be led to Me by hand. Therefore to him it has been given as a thorn in his flesh, to in turn, lead the blind persecutors and rejecters of My word to Me. Therefore do not be too amazed at the fierceness accompanying Paul. It is just My Paul in turn fiercely leading the heathen to Me.


Revelation 19

13 June 2007 at 06h00

Eagerly I would like to address My dear children who are loyally waiting, with joyous hearts, on My return, despite these turbulent and dark times. In very grave danger you will stand safely under My protection, while you are waiting on a new and perfect earth.

But how sad is a Father’s heart over the loss of millions of children who are waiting on global destruction with fearful hearts. And all they need to do is just take a single step in the direction of My stretched out hand, lovingly offered to them. Trustingly they have to place their own hand in Mine, so that I could protectively pull them into the circle of My Father arms where no evil will ever touch them again. But just like Lot’s wife, these worldly people look with sadness and longing back to their world of earthly treasures and their hearts are hardened into a dead lump of salt and forever they are caught up in a dead world of matter. The hourglass is running empty very quickly and like a card house tumbling their artificial world is busy caving in, and in the chaos that follows voices will call heartbreakingly to Me, and the voice they had scorned, will be quiet.

With anguish they will seek their greatest enemy, death, and beg him sorrowfully “stand closer, dear friend, so that we can embrace you, in your oblivion we want to sink away.” But with laughter death will cavort away while mockingly singing to them:

“You fool, the day that you shunned the Hand of Life away, I have already encircled you and you were already brought into my intestines, where you will slowly spend your time with great remorse”.

Therefore I address each worldling once more. For the last time I am holding My hand of salvation out to you, make use of it very quickly. 


Revelation 20

15 June 2007 at 05h00

Where Satan sits back on his patched-together throne in his arena of honor, this world, in his delusions of grandeur and with self-contentment he rubs his big abdomen and bellows his beloved words “Let the games begin”, there I answer him, “Yes, let the games begin.” His fat hand, of which the thick fingers are decorated with the most precious, but blood-stained jewels of this world, is thrown with guilelessness into the air, beckoning his heavy artillery closer. This while he cunningly nods the world fleet nearer, and with a wink the air force bases begin to mobilize and satellites in the sky begin to spy. Biologist and scientist take each others hand and briskly they experiment with atom and germ for the last time.

While Satan is mobilizing himself with a big show off, I softly descend to My children and with empty hand and clothed in rags, My witnesses come to teach the truth to the evil world. With drought, famine and plague the world are struck, a mutilated earth gives up, and the surface is struck with the biggest earthquake ever.

So lift the hand and start to sing, “Let the games begin.”