Revelation 21 in English by Judith de Beer

Revelation 21

15 June 2007 at 20h30


Currently there are a few among you who are becoming aware of an urgency inside yourselves. An unprecedented excitement reigns in your spirit, while your heart is shyly whispering to you: “I know I am also His servant.”  Because you are scared of being audacious, most of you suppress this feeling with undue humility. Humility is of the greatest importance in order to become diligent as one of my servants. However, now the time is ripe to approach Me bravely and with a bit of audacity, to come and offer yourself as a little servant to Me. There are others with lots of potential who arrogantly want to appoint themselves as leaders. But my favor will fall on those who want to serve Me out of sincere love with heart and soul, and will do what others are not prepared to do. Therefore keep your feet firmly on the ground, while you reach with your hand to the highest peaks in My kingdom, and while your hearts penetrate the immeasurable depths of My love. Yes, you, My chosen beloved ones, for whom I have prepared this time and place eternities ago. Therefore open the holy temple in the centre of your being, so that I can enter and make you subservient through My might and power. I am the cornerstone and you the keystones and with this I say that you are the contact point between the spirit and all matter. Together you will be one communication soul through which My all-embracing Spirit will speak in all its creations. But as beloved individuals I will love each of you, My children, according to his own being. Those, to whom this message is applicable, will understand My message in this very well.