Revelation 22 and 23 in English by Judith de Beer

Revelation 22

16 June 2007



How should we understand the relatedness between the capable and virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 and the playful, romantic and deeply beloved bride in Song of Solomon?



Oh my soul-beloved, with you I have flirted, your beauty I have praised with song though centuries. Through eternities My song of love has prompted you everywhere. I am coming to fetch you as My bride, and you will take your place as a virtuous woman. With your innocence and beauty you have first enchanted Me. With virtue and diligence you have now surpassed everyone. First as virgin and now as coral (coral necklace), I am fetching you as matured woman. 


Revelation 23

17 June 2007 at 14h00


Like a drunk singing a monotonous song over and over after an evening of cheerful carousing, just the same a drunk, oversaturated rich world is doing, and the words of their song goes like this “everything has its price, everything has its price . . .!”  And while the sound of cash registers is becoming old fashioned and plastic cards are taking over, I am put on the back of the shelf as a once forgotten bargain. Insatiable the economy is busy devouring everything in front of it, just to offer it neatly packed again. Robots, who first were humans, are fitted into the dragon’s puzzle. Everything has a price and so also My word is mockingly placed on their list and all the world is compelled to buy and to sell. Ruthlessly a precious soul is pawned just by the sight of gold and the Rand. Courts of law smell with the stench of bribery, and on this the World Bank rests.  With glamour and a big show the wealthy show themselves off for the world to see. Mockingly thy ask My price, to also get on My so-called heaven’s list. With tinsel gold a cheap fool’s paradise is being built for them, from which Lucifer’s hell will rise with terror. With fear they will call out from this, Oh God, name your price, and get us out of this quickly again. But all they will get is Me, remaining forever silent.