Revelation 24 by Judith de Beer in English

Revelation 24

18 June 2007 at 08h00


Today we are going to speak about healing through faith and there will be many who would like to choke you for this. But do not take much notice of that, it just prepares you for much worse things that people would like to do to you in the future. To get back to the point, you are living in a world where many are very sick in body and soul, and most of the time I am blamed as if I am the cause of all sickness. Disgusted the sick person turns his back on Me and turns to very clever medical science for healing. Malicious sicknesses are increasing enormously and because of human development that has no compunction in disturbing the delicate order in nature, most of these sicknesses are incurable. And now we are not even talking about the poisonous chemical processes to which mankind is exposed. Habit-forming abusers pump these chemicals into their bodies at an alarming rate, against their own better judgment, and they themselves are responsible for their conditions. Already I hear one or two who mutter and say “yes, but what about the innocent, especially the children who did not ask for it.” To you I say “be patient, we will get to it.” The very sick person now unsuccessfully turns away from his doctor. My, the Father’s, healing abilities that were once scorned, now surface in the patient’s mind under the beautiful term “alternative healing methods.” The person is now converted very quickly and blossoms out as having “very deep faith”, and now humbly approaches me and demands healing from Me with “faith” that can now move mountains and accompanied by lots of “SMS” prayers, our patient is now thoroughly prepared. In most cases there is no healing to speak of and now the sick person begins to doubt his faith-related abilities and the first and best faith healer is engaged. Frantically all faith is now placed in this person, in stead of in Me, but because there is a degree of faith present, in some cases healing is allowed by Me. To this I would like to add that no healing is possible where faith is firstly not present in the sick person himself. I, as the greatest faith healer of all time, during my time on earth, only healed those who had the necessary faith inside themselves. This is why spontaneous healing often happens to children, without any droning prayers. Because they have a pure naïve faith in Me, their Father, I will heal them.  Therefore I say to you today, My children, he who carries Me in his heart also already carries all healing inside himself and it is unnecessary for you to run like a faithless person to someone else in order to be healed by his faith. A true faith healer’s first concern would be the immortal soul, before giving attention to the sick mortal body. To My true children, who are in these end times laborious in My different virtues, I say with love “be careful what you desire in Spirit.”