Revelation 25 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 25

19 June 2007 at 07h00


Previously we have spoken about the curtains hanging in front of the most holy knowledge in your hearts and today we are giving it more attention. With the death of my body on Golgotha the physical curtains in front of the most holy place in the temple gave way. It was nothing but the symbolic destruction of the lie that was based on an untrue distortion of an old truth.  While the temple forced My children to serve Me, “God”, with a distorted conscientiousness, at the same time they did not leave a stone unturned to persecute Me, the Son of man, with hatred. Because the people of that time were manipulated by the temple for generations, and believed that as inferior beings they were not capable nor had the right to communicate directly with Me, their Father, I Myself came in the person of a human to earth, to open the eyes of their hearts.

Enthusiastic about My crucifixion, the blind crowd cheered supportively to the temple servants, “away with Him, crucify Him” and with My last breath, the biggest miracle ever took place and a countless number of the blind, since Adam and right through the centuries and into the far future, received the ability to open their blind eyes and exclaimed with wonder “He is truly the Son of God” to consequently distinguish the truth from the lie. Over a long period of more than 2000 years, Satan gradually applied his old proven recipe and restricted man’s power of judgment with the help of a relentless and rigid teaching, which was forced on the people by churches with political agendas, with thousands of do’s and don’ts and through this their eyes became dull again and the living sparkle of My love was extinguished. With the glare of gold a Mammon is build for them and the deeper man penetrates into the earth’s belly to produce mineral, metal and energy source, so the evil high priests of this industrial earth are pulling the curtains shut in front of the most holy in the heart of the people. But to My beloved I say again: “Know that on Golgotha I gave you the ability to violently remove this untruthful curtain, so that you can, with living and sparkling eyes from which My truth shines, look into the blind and dead eyes of your brothers and sisters and through this you can make them see, and through this you are becoming the forerunners of My second coming, which will give My opponent the most severe blow. And with this I say to you, My servants, the harvest has become ripe, therefore work diligently. Amen.