Revelation 26 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 26

20 June 2007 at 03h00

Slowly the wheel of time has turned and now it is busy grinding everything down. Where in the past Satan opposed Me in everything, to look and feel like some or other conqueror, and he was always warned and admonished over his behavior by Me, he is now merely trumped in everything by the greatest silence from heaven. This causes his evil fury to flame up, in which he will burn himself out completely. During this time of all times Satan poured the entire evil hell with all its contents onto earth as from a gigantic bag and while he is now waiting on a similar reaction, a silence fell upon heaven that makes every angel, big and small, lower their heads in awe. 

With great display and glamour the devil struts up and down the world ramp like a cheap peacock. The masses and their excited applause cannot stimulate him anymore because he is extremely irritated by God’s silence. With loud noise carnival is held with bloody arms of war and like a child shooting crackers, he makes experimental nuclear explosions happen on land and sea to focus all attention on him. Once again he receives a low blow when he is enfolded by My silence. Furious like a roaring lion Satan now in murderous mood looks around him for something of Me to tear apart.


Raging his gaze falls on My humble little group, and silently like a giant snake Satan tries unoriginally to catch Me as well. But now it is Me Who comes and breaks the silence. Nobody hurts one of My children and I Myself (will) come to teach Satan the biggest lesson ever.