Revelation 27

Revelation 27

22 June 2007 at 12h30

Once upon the earth, during a time of distress with a great drought, My prophet came. He sat at the creek of Cherith and there my word came to him. From widow’s house, to Ahab’s throne, there you will go. With twelve stones you will build My altar again, before nation and king you will conquer Baal and upon your sign a dry earth will again quench its thirst. At the end of his path on earth, Eliah was taken to heaven in a windstorm. 

Once again My angel came as human prophet to this earth. He came to level My path, and from the dry desert his voice sounded loud:

Rejoice, O’ Zion, your Savior is coming like refreshing rain.

And in the king’s chamber the dead head of the baptizer lay victorious as judgment for whore and lie. 

Once more and it is now, My prophet will come to this earth for Me, his eternal King. In many counsel chambers, victorious in My Name, you will admonish them all with drought. With twelve stones you will again, out of Zion, build an altar for Me. Alive, from the dead, I will let you stand up on your feet, to once again victoriously follow the path to Me, your Father.