Revelation 29 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 29

24 June 2007 at 22h00

In My ancient times there lived a very distinctive woman who reigned over a very fruitful and rich land in Southern Africa. This land and kingdom was one of the most fruitful and blessed little kingdoms ever. But this queen continuously felt that there was something more, something incomplete. All the time she was busy comparing her kingdom to other kingdoms. Gold, copper and ivory, as well as all kinds of traders were abundant, as was the news they brought her from vast parts of the world. Rumors about the very wise and rich Solomon quickly became the centre of her total interest. As excited as a child waiting on delicious delicacies, she lived in suspense for every item of news about the king of Israel. It did not take too long before a very big caravan was meticulously prepared, loaded with the most precious gifts, to start out on the almost impossible long journey to the land of king Solomon, and with determination this relatively young queen of Sheba and her entourage successfully completed this journey. Very flattered the slightly big-headed Solomon received this woman from the south with hospitality and like an insatiable sponge she drank in the ingenuity with which he reigned the land, and also the way in which he handled justice, the army and trade. The infrastructure of his city fascinated her. Yes, she was captivated by everything. All of this she absorbed to the finest detail and nothing of his wisdom escaped her and very quickly she came to the conclusion what the true Wisdom behind Solomon’s wisdom was and roguishly she smiled by herself and in her heart a song of praise welled up like a fountain. And it went like this: “Great, yes very great is the God of Israel Who brings order and righteousness to His people through Solomon. He loves this people “of Him” very much.” The queen of Sheba has found her answer, content and over laden with many gifts she turned homeward. But her most precious gift was this song in her heart, which she brought with her to the southern part of Africa, where it was preserved mysteriously in the silence of the centuries until today. From where it will, as testimony to her during this time of times, will again sound clearly like a clarion call from the south of Africa:” Great, yes very great is the God of Israel, Who will bring order and righteousness, yes also peace to His people through love and wisdom. Yes He loves them, He dearly loves His people.”