Revelation 30 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 30

25 June 2007 at 16h30

In the world of the lie an empty illusion is king. Nobody in the super ordinate world order and institutions really believes in Me or My truth. To them I am only handy to be used as a control instrument for the masses. A distorted feeling of guilt in the people is being cultivated by many laws and in “My Name” decisions about what is right and what is wrong are taken and through this mankind is controlled like a bunch of soulless robots.  I, Who is love, is used as a monster god of thunder and judgment as means of control and there are many who awaits the end of their life path with fear because they are convinced that I am only waiting to cast them into a pool of fire and brimstone, and that because here and there they have neglected to obey a human made law. There are thousands upon thousands of political organizations, educational institutions, churches and sectarian movements, yes, too many to mention, all of them trying to control every living creature with their thousandfold of do’s and don’ts like in a puppet show. Man, yes the crown of My creation, has lost the ability to think and decide for himself about what the truth is. There are many who would now put on a brave front and jump up, grab his Bible or one or the other guideline and indignantly and with shaking finger line out his “truth” for you, thereby proving once again that he does not posses any ability to bring forth any truth originating from within himself. Man is so brainwashed that he does not even realize that he became a dead servant of a dead letter of a world law. Therefore only the one who carries the Living Truth in himself will have the ability to take the truth out of every lie and of the lie nothing will remain, because the lie in itself is nothing. Where again the one carrying the lie in himself, will never have the ability to bring the lie forth from the Living Truth, because it is impossible for the pure truth to carry the lie in itself. I conclude this by saying that only those who are carrying My Living Truth inside themselves will possess the ability to recognize the truth herein.