Revelation 31 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 31

26 June 2007 at 13h00

The so-called Christian, who is operative under one of the thousands of tentacles of the World Council of Churches, can be compared with a poisonous desert adder hiding herself under the desert sand, waiting on one of My chosen ones, in order to bite them on the heel.  While this snake is silently lying waiting, the only observable movement is the unceasing flickering of the forked tongue. While the one point is dripping sweet but poisonous honey, the other is belching out virulence. This is how these workers of the darkness are doing their devilish task.

With schmaltzy and false little messages of peace they are poisoning and contaminating many of my last, sincere messengers. And just like this desert adder is using the tip of its tail as a devious, juicy small worm offered to a hungry little bird as bait above the surface of the sand, just the same these envoys from hell are doing.  Even you, My chosen ones have in your naïve innocence made the sweet-sounding silky-soft lisping of the snake’s wrong truth your own. One of these lies precisely is that you accommodate everybody, despite what their faith is, in your midst like brothers and sisters. And nurturing the snake wiggles its devious coils into the snugly warm desert sand of your love, from where he sets a deadly trap for you with alluring little words, to thereafter devour the believer quickly, to then become drunk with the believer’s blood. But the day has come and for Me there will be a child, wakened by Me, who is equipped with a natural resistance against this poison, and once more the snake will bite her on the heel, but never again will it be able to do any harm to her or one of her children.