Revelation 33 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 33

28 June 2007

Those who are waiting on new sensational end time revelations, they are waiting in vain. But feel free to look around a bit and see how the end times are sensationally revealed in earth, wind, water, weather and fire around you. But as it is written in the revelations of John, you are too busy buying and selling to detect this. The time of that which was concealed has come to an end, and all revelations pertaining to the end time are going into fulfillment. What will now come into the foreground are the concealed truths, which Satan has cunningly kept away from man for centuries. 

In his aim to reign and dominate, Satan stepped on the foreground in the form of the rich, the rulers, governments and the great capital powers of the earth, to take into possession every inch of ground, on land, sea and in the sky, as well as in the depths of the earth. Still it is not enough and greedy their eyes are fixed on My far away sun areas, in the hope to elevate their material kingdoms above Me in all possible areas. My presence and Spirit is lacking completely in these people and therefore these hazy clouds are endlessly empty and in the empty search for something concrete, they try to fill themselves with that which their senses indicate as material reality to them, and for their continued existence their whole being must continually absorb some matter into itself, to feed and sustain itself through this. That is where this insatiable greed comes from and nothing or nobody will ever be spared in their quest to reach their goal. And so we reach the door of our much discussed “Antichrist.” Everything has its limits and the time has come for Me to come and restore My much disrupted order and all material possessions will be taken away from everyone on this earth, by the worst cataclysmic events ever. And this is where the last separation among mankind will set in. Those who are excitedly waiting on Me and My second coming are joyously looking forward to the purifying process that will hit the earth. While those in the other camp keep clinging desperately to that which is impermanent.

“I AM” the unseen eternity and those who follow Me will vividly carry Eternal Life in themselves. In the same way those who carry the impermanent matter in themselves, carry eternal death in themselves. And so the chaff will be separated from the wheat and a new earth will be prepared for my children.