Revelation 34 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 34

29 June 2007

Just like hell is loose here on earth, in all its forms and fury, there are also more than enough support from the heavens for those belonging to Me. Currently there are crowds of people from the so-called “cream” of the earth who are totally apathetic towards me. No recognition, good or bad, is shown to Me as the Creator or Godhead.

To these spiritless people, the human intellect, manifesting in the highest form of science, is the only godhead. These people are lacking any form of the spirit, and exactly this makes them the ideal candidates to be possessed by the more sophisticated evil spirits from the lowest hell. Currently there are thousands upon thousands of the most brilliant people on earth who became deadly instruments of Satan.

It will be difficult for you to identify these workers of the darkness who are currently relentlessly executing their different assignments.  They are refined, well-educated, friendly and helpful people who apparently do everything in their power for the welfare and progress of the earth and its inhabitants. Therefore you often find these people, elegantly dressed, at different welfare functions. They are present in large numbers at the so-called “green peace” functions, where they, as high profile people, make decisions on behalf of the masses that have far reaching negative consequences for everything and everybody. You will be amazed to see how quickly the soft and friendly light in most of these eyes is replaced by a ruthless cold glare when the curtains are lowered.

However, to My flock here on earth I give the assurance that very good provision was made for them. Although reincarnation is not at the order of the day at all, there are currently indeed certain spirits of Mine who have been prepared for this time since the earth’s foundation, to come and assist the people. You will be only too glad to know whether these people are active as reincarnated prophets or whether they are merely active under the spirits of the “old prophets.” However I say to you that it is not advisable for you to know this now. The time is almost ripe for this, now it is just necessary for you to know that most of these protective spirits, as people who are themselves ignorant of this, are present in South Africa.