Revelation 35 to 37 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 35

30 June 2007 at 09h30

Currently there is an abominable key here on earth, which unlocks and locks, at will, all organizations, political institutions and administrations of justice. Yes, this key is in control of all banks and monetary systems worldwide. Under the code name of “Boas” it is also the entrance key to almost every church and faith on earth, and this key is the property of the so-called “free-thinking builders.” The Boas of the old Testament of the book Rut is used as role model and deviously, on the surface, the widow is being looked after. The whole bloodline of Jacob, yes even the symbolism of the holy ark, was cheerfully hijacked by them as their property. All the riches and resources are also voraciously devoured by them. Under the royal Star of David they show off as self-appointed kings of the earth and all governments are manipulated by them. With an artificial and false wisdom of Solomon they are trying to establish on earth a New Jerusalem through a super-ordinate industrial temple. Through buying and selling they want to bind every human and take the freedom from each soul. As a goat’s hoof cherub, he mockingly presents himself as Zion to the “great Architect of the universe.” The might of this abominable key will end suddenly and an angel with a new key will take his place and the depths of the underworld will be locked and sealed above these servants of darkness for a very long period of time.

Revelation 36

2 July 2007 at 01h00

I became awake suddenly and it was granted to me to ask anything I would like to know. And I asked You to reveal the true humility to me. Suddenly I was inside myself and I experienced the life inside me as a being. Immediately thereafter I was confronted by the smallest little atom in Your immeasurable creation. This little atom was, in comparison to me, a gigantic, immeasurable sun. I became immensely anxious and You entered this nothingness, which was I, and Your entrance made me into such an immeasurable space that I could encompass a whole universe. And I saw that my size, strength and power depended on the total insignificance of my humble nothingness, which made me into a round zero. This zero, in turn, was a perfect godly circle which is necessary in order to accommodate something of Your Spirit therein and through this make me a possible candidate to become Your child. This is the secret of the true humility. Be small in your size, so that God can make you big in your smallness, and so awaken a godly child for Himself in you.

Revelation 37

2 July 2007 at 06h00

The first among you were sent as pioneers to the wild Southern point of Africa, to establish a trading post and so a wild and barren land was tamed and fair trading with nomadic tribes took place. Orphan girls from a pure bloodline were meticulously selected as brides for these men by Myself, and so they became the mothers of a new, more pure little nation. Under the worst circumstances I have blessed them richly and everything their hand touched was prosperous. Like an Eden of old this wilderness was transformed into a lovely landscape of vineyard and orchard and the land dripped with milk and honey. Hatefully the world regimes of that time acknowledged My blessing in this little nation and blatantly their handwork was stolen from them by means of a devious law and as criminals some of these god-fearing citizens were persecuted and murdered. But this fallow wilderness lay open before them and courageously this little nation heard My call and with lion’s courage man, woman and child answered and under My covenant they were repeatedly rescued from immense dangers.

Those among them who fearfully entered into a covenant with others were not so lucky. And as My blessing carried My little Zion through a few short centuries, so a greedy world under the banner of Judaism stayed on their tracks like a hungry hyena and sponged on the food remains of the true lion of Judah. With jealousy and vindictiveness this Judaic world order brought My nation to a fall through a fine strategy, by making them do that which I prohibited them from doing since their pre-origins, and they made a covenant with other nations and with this something died in My covenant nation. They started to be ashamed of that which I gave them as inheritance and contemptuously they placed it into the hands of the world deceivers. And as a joke to the world these once proud warriors sit with potbellies in modern amphitheatres, watching ridiculous sports and with deafening noise they cheer the game on, to silence the pitiful sob in their hearts over their Judas-reward, and that while their brothers are bloodily murdered and others are going to waste in a miserable world of poverty and distress.

But I have preserved a handful of pure seed and My covenant with Abraham, through Isaac will be kept in My Zion. Therefore I say to you today, My chosen ones, that the real, final struggle is not between nations as such, but that it is worldwide Judaism showing its fangs across the globe for the true Zion during the last struggle. The brain of Judaism is not as such seated in Israel like everybody thought, but already for centuries it is cherished in the bosom of England. Therefore, now I say loud and clear: Woe betide you London, yes woe betide you in this time.