Revelation 38 and 39 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 38

3 July 2007 at 10h30

You people cannot stop talking about one or the other small achievement of your children, and just like it is with you, it is also the same with Me, your heavenly Father. The smallest spiritual victory achieved with a lot of perseverance by you, causes My Father Heart to swell with love and pride, so much so that I forthwith summons some of My highest angels from My immense firmament so that I as proud Father, can share this news with them personally.

The joy that they, My great serving spirits, detect in Me in turn fills them with so much joy that this great collective heavenly joy warrants a justified feast in My home in the highest heavens, which then also takes place with heavenly festivity.

Oh, the joy and pride of a Father’s heart for that which a little one had gained in victory through earthly sorrow.

Therefore, My children, know that from all My infinite creations, no greater joy can exist for Me than a weak human child giving his first wavering spiritual steps on this earth towards Me, his heavenly Father.

Revelation 39

4 July 2007 at 09h00

I am the Father, but I am also the Son and simultaneously I am My all enveloping Spirit of truth and love. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I AM, the eternal single Godhead and besides Me there is no other Godhead. In Me is the totality, as well as the identity of the Perfect godly family, completed.

From the enormous number of mistakes of present day Christianity, haughtiness is the one that offends Me the most. Yes, with inflated pride and an enormous knowledge of the scriptures, a hateful war of words are fought among “so-called Christians.” Knowledge of the scriptures is distorted and adapted without provocation and own opinions fly furiously around in the world and there is no love to speak of.

The war cry thus goes like this: “come, let us crush each other with the godly letter.” Currently the most popular subject probably is the debate around My “Identity” as a holy Trinity. Fortunately it is not necessary for Me to explain My existence as only God and Father to My true children, because they already possess Me in their hearts in Spirit, Truth and Love.

To the rest of the world wanting to introduce Me as a three-headed God, I want to bring to your attention that you, through your “unimprovable knowledge of the scriptures” only fasten onto blowing the trumpet of your own self-image to prove, in your own delusions of grandeur, that you have mastered the full grasp of the eternal incomprehensible Godhead. But once again I will try to bring it across to your highly learned minds.

The man created in My likeness has the ability to be the son of a father and simultaneously he is the father of one or two sons whom he is teaching by means of his methods of education (the spirit) to be like him. Does this now makes the above mentioned man into one, or three different persons? The difference between Me and you is that I am the single, eternal, immortal, primeval source of all life and you are the many forthcoming form Me.