Revelation 40 and 41 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 40

5 July 2007 at 09h00

Gladly I share the following witticism with you, My children. The presence of the very small Boer nation in South Africa is like a troublesome little flea in the bedding of a gigantic world order. Yes, many sleepless nights are caused for this giant by this apparently insignificant little animal. And in awkward places, where you cannot scratch in public, there it itches unceasingly.

Gladly this giant would like to crush this little “beast” between its thumbnails. But the advantage of this little flea precisely lies in its unobtrusive size and because the world order has ostensibly accommodated him “peacefully” in its “super-ordinate bedding”, it has now become impossible to get rid of this little “guest” without causing incalculable damage to itself.

There is a saying which is applicable to gluttons and it goes like this: What you have ladled onto your plate, that you will eat. Therefore I say with a smile to you, My dear children, a word to the wise is enough.

Revelation 41

6 July 2007 at 09h00

In answer to your prayer which you have just now directed to Me and where you plead for your people who find themselves in the deepest mud pools of drugs, homosexuality and many other sins and you accusingly look at Me as if I am the cause of your misery, I just want to say the following to you: I have done right in allowing this misery, so that you can thereby open your eyes and become aware of your wrong ways and thereby mend your ways. Yes, during the past decades your nation, under leadership of your rulers, clergymen, judges and others (and with your written consent at the poles) did not keep the law which I had given you. My great kindness and the fruitful land which I had given to you, were contemptuously re-pawned among heathen nations and your young virgins were given to the heathendom as cheap goods of trade for the filthiest bastardization.

Therefore you and your children today are slaves in the land which I had given to your forefathers with love.

But still, in My wisdom I have faithfully preserved a small remnant and among your people an insignificant little group has entered into a new written agreement with Me and in this new written contract lies the hope and rise of your nation.