Revelation 42 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 42

7 July 2007 during the afternoon

In the nearby future a tragedy similar to the one at Chernobyl will take place. Man ventures into domains which he is not in the least capable to handle, which will have far-reaching negative effects for the whole earth and its inhabitants.

Currently all natural order is becoming totally disrupted.

From South Africa, with its intensified deliverance of coal, especially in the area of Witbank, masses of poisonous, impure clouds of smoke are pumped into the atmosphere at night when it is not so conspicuous, which has an immensely negative effect on weather patterns worldwide.  The so-called controlling bodies and guardians of this type of pollution are blind to this because of “profit-seeking reasons.” Inconceivable masses of microscopic waste end up in the atmosphere and in a chain reaction activate the delicate processes of atoms and protons and neutrons which will result in immense weather cataclysms.

There are outstanding alternative energy-generating inventions, which can be a substitute for natural energy sources like coal and oil. But it is forthwith wiped underneath the carpet because it once again does not fit into the world order’s framework of profit and world power.

Currently they lick their lips worldwide in anticipation of that which lies beneath South Africa’s soil.  But by means of nature catastrophes which I will allow, I will put a stop to the further exploitation and rape of this already vandalized piece of Eden.