Vision 1 and 2 of Judith de Beer

Vision 1

19 June 2007 at 20h00

I lie on my bed and think, the next moment I fall away, like into a deep narcotic sleep and the next instant I am more vividly conscious than ever before in my life and I find myself standing up straight in my brightly lit room.

In the middle of my room something like brilliant white smoke appears, I look at it intensely and see that it is dense fog which is busy turning into a brilliant white cloud. I am very amazed that a cloud is developing in my room. Suddenly there is an immensely joyous knowing in my heart that it is the Spirit. Simultaneously it is such a big shock to me that it feels as if I am losing my consciousness again, and instantly I find myself lying on my bed again.  

Vision 2

21 June 2007 at 23h55

I became awake, just to immediately thereafter feel as if I was losing consciousness. Suddenly I was lying on my back with my head back, staring into heaven. Suddenly an innumerable number of blue streaks of lightning, plus-minus 4 inches long, came from heaven and were everywhere around me. Among them there were thousands of words. Suddenly the letters took on the form of these blue streaks of lightning. And all the letters of the many words changed into these living, vibrating beams of energy with the most beautiful light blue color. Directly thereafter I was told that the separation had already taken place in all people. And the dominating factor within them will form the foundation of that on which each human will stand during this time, and that each one will act according to this.