Revelation 47 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 47

12 July 2007

Just like My disciples saw Me return 2000 years ago, as glorified Godhead, to My spiritual Heaven of Wisdom and Love after My earthly mission of mercy, just so will you, My chosen servants, as firstborn in spirit, experience My return and each will receive the gifts from Me for which you unknowingly have been prepared over a long period of time and for which you are now able. But with the sound of the last ram’s horn here on earth, I will come to make a single physical appearance, which every eye will see and it will serve as a frightening judgment to all who are not Mine. 

Currently there are many among Mine who feel as if they are standing in front of a spiritual abyss en feel very lonely and abandoned. In many cases it feels to you as if I am eternities away from you and if you cannot find Me anywhere and in your distress you ask the same question as the one asked by Me on Golgotha. “My God, why had You forsaken me.” Yes, this question also was My last test en therefore I can encourage you from own experience by saying, “When the night is at its darkest, the break through of the sun is very close.” I want to reassure you that I am near you all the time, very close by. I know each one of you, My beloved, personally by name en each one of you, with his own unique character, is most precious to Me. I say to you that unthinkable many heavenly crowds are aware of each spiritual victory that you, their embodied brothers and sisters, achieve on this earth. Now you also know that My true servants who are now on earth, are beings born from above and they have been chosen by My own hand. The struggle and victories that these people achieve on earth have an impact on unheard-of regions of eternity, impossible to be comprehended by the earthly mind.  Therefore know that in these days I Myself, in My Spirit, descend to these children and protectively I personally come to embrace them with my reassuring Father’s love.