Revelation 48 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 48

13 July 2007 at 06h00

Clever and cunningly Satan sneaked into your churches and doctrines as an angel of the light and with a false conscience spirit, he misled you.

With contempt Esau traded his birthright for a mess of lentil pottage, and to jog with the great ones of the earth like a little mongrel, you gave the blood-purchased inheritance of your fathers away for free and your precious genetic inheritance is destroyed through bastardization. Yes, you laid everything down before the feet of the pawns of the world order. Like a cringing dog crawling closer on its stomach for scraps, such is the loathsome cringing in front of your self-appointed rulers and the blood of your children will come down on your own heads.

Therefore pray for one in your midst, despite your malignancy he kept true to Me and with the “sleight” of his own hand he wrote against this abomination. Not just for himself, but also for some, he will be the blood on your doorframes, to stop the angel of death in your midst.

And just like olden times, I will wipe out the builders and their co-workers of the golden calf from My presence, so that My holy chronicles can become pure again.