Revelation 50 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 50

15 July 2007 at 17h00


I am the sole creator of all things. By himself, man is not capable to create the most simple single cell or atom. Currently, under Satan’s command, My molecular building blocks are disrupted by scientists in their extremely delicate primeval, fixed order with arrogant brutality, and its ordained intelligences are completely upset by genetic manipulation. Even man, the crown of My creation, is not spared and human fetuses are cultivated for the harvesting of stem cells under the pretext of “alternative medical medications.”  The fact that each embryo became a living soul at the moment of conception, to also go his way on earth as a perfect human being, does not matter to them.  All order, it being minerals, plants or the animal kingdom, is currently completely disrupted, and the roaring, scornful laughter of Satan reverberates; again he “has tried” to elevate himself above My rule. Together with this the death bells toll for a salvation- and civilization period, and the toll of these bells reverberates across the whole surface of the earth, and I, Myself, shall give answer to each disrupted little atom’s lamentation resounding from My creation into My ear. With destructive judgment I will wipe the earth clean from all that is impure, to once again, as perfect, purified earth and for a long peace- and salvation period, serves its purpose as a cleansed, pure planet of training for My future children.