Revelation 51 by Judith de Beer

Revelation 51

16 July 2007 at 09h00

Because you, as well as others who regularly approach you about this, would like to know more about the appearance of Elijah in these end times, I will shed a little more light on this subject.

Seeing that some among you are more excited about the appearance of this prophet than about My return, I say the following:

How many times again must I emphasize the importance of the godly order which is in everything and in everyone? Just like the body in all its parts is necessary for the continued existence of each subsequent part of the body in order to be able to exist as one living body, in the same way My whole creation, in all its parts, are dependant on one another. Currently each one of you is present here on earth to find his “puzzle-piece” in My great plan of eternity; to thereafter take up his right position and so become diligent in his or her order.

To get back to one of My archangels, who came as an embodied human under the name Elijah to do a specific task for a certain period, I say, yes, he will be of assistance to the modern “martyrs” of this biggest suppression- and oppression period, in co-operation with most of the seers and prophets of the Old Testament.  

Therefore I say to those who suspect within themselves that they are going to work for Me as one or the other great spirit during these times:  First become smaller than the most humble child, so that you can become useful to Me.