Gottfried Mayerhofer

Who was Gottfried Mayerhofer?

Gottfried Mayerhofer Gottfried Mayerhofer, who, apart from "Lebensgeheimnisse", inspired by the inner spiritual voice, has written several other works published by the Lorber-Verlag, Bietigheim, was born in Munich in 1807 as the descendant of a notable family. In his middle years he entered as officer into Greek royal service, married in Athens the daughter of a wholesale merchant and later lived in Trieste in good circumstances. There he came into contact with the writings of the New Revelation through Jakob Lorber and became an enthusiastic follower of the same. Through his selfless financial help, he helped the then publisher Johannes Busch in the publication of "The Great Gospel of John" and other Lorber works.
At an advanced age, Gottfried Mayerhofer himself, as a diligent disciple of the Lord, received the gift of the Inner Word. Thus through his writing several works originated, in which many questions relating to creation, to life, to the road to salvation and to communication with the spiritual world etc. were discussed. The most important and most beautiful fruit Gottfried Mayerhofer was allowed to offer mankind is the unique collection of 53 sermons by the Lord called "The Lord's Sermons", a work which serves many people all over the world for their daily edification.
On Good Friday 1877, Gottfried Mayerhofer was allowed to return to the lightful spirit-world about which he had given us so much information.